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Free Church Bulletin Templates

Beautifully designed bulletins are effective in grabbing and holding attention. But it can be hard finding a solution for better bulletins for some churches. So many free bulletin templates are tacky. And hiring a designer to create church bulletins is too expensive for many churches. Which is why we’ve created a collection of 8 free church bulletin templates.

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Modern Church Connection Cards – 5 FREE Templates

A well-designed church connection card is a powerful way to get information from both church visitors and regular attenders. This information can be used to follow-up with first time visitors to keep them from slipping through the cracks, or to enlist regular attenders to become more committed to serving in your church.

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18 Free Icons with Christian Symbols – Church Graphics

Have you ever found yourself looking for professional quality Christian themed icons for your church website, brochure, or other ministry outreach tool? And within a tight budget? We have! And that’s why we designed this set of free custom illustrated Christian icons, available for you to download today.

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