Church flyers are a tried and tested way of inviting others to attend your life-transforming church event. When designed well, flyers capture attention, communicate the purpose of the event, and provide the essential information needed for those interested in attending.

But when a flyer isn’t designed well, it becomes another casualty of the recycling bin along with all the other flyers no one takes the time to read.

A well-designed church flyer is part of your strategy to present your church family as a friendly, vibrant, and interesting group of people who have something significant to offer at your event, youth program, or through other services such as food banks and volunteer days.

Free Church Flyers to Promote Your Event

Finding good church flyers to represent your event can be a challenge for many churches. Not every church can afford a graphic designer. Many free flyers available online are either outdated and a poor reflection of your church or cluttered and hard to read (or both).

Your church flyers are a representation of your event, so we believe that their design should be of the highest quality. We also believe that your flyers should present information in an easy-to-understand way so that people are more likely to respond to them.

That’s why we designed 3 free church flyers that you can download and easily customize for your event today! All you’ll need to edit these templates is Photoshop.

#1 Free Church Flyer – Community Worship Event

This free flyer template was specifically designed to promote a community worship service. However, the design is broad enough to be used for a variety of church events.

Free Church Flyer – Community Worship Event by Ministry Voice

#2 Free Church Flyer – Summer Youth Camp

With a fun and Summer-focused theme, this flyer is perfect for promoting a youth camp or Vacation Bible School.

Free Church Flyer – Summer Youth Camp by Ministry Voice

#3 Free Church Flyer – Back-to-School Service

This creative flyer can be used to promote a back-to-school or other school-related event.

Free Church Flyer – Back-to-School Service by Ministry Voice

Tips for Printing and Distributing Your Flyers

Once you’ve decided on a flyer design, it’s time to print and distribute your church event flyers! Anna Lundberg has written an excellent article with practical advice on how to get started. We’ve summarized the main points below:

1) Step One: Find a Printer.

Consider price, quality, type of printing, and time when deciding on a printer.

Digital printers usually offer a quicker turnaround time. Offset printing usually requires that a minimum of several hundred copies be printed. This option also usually has a longer setup time. But offset printing has flexibility in terms of the number of colors you can use in your flyer.  If you need to print a large number of flyers (1,000+), offset printing is probably your best option, even when paying for a rushed order.

Make sure to also take location into consideration if you’ll be picking the flyers up yourself.

2) Step Two: Decide on the Quality and Texture of the Paper

Before printing, there are several things to consider. Such as the thickness of the paper, the finish (e.g., matte or glossy), and whether or not the flyers will need to be folded.

Consider requesting some samples from your printer to get a feel for the various options you could choose. You’ll need to be mindful of your budget, as this will affect your options.

3) Step Three: Decide on the Number of Copies

The price you pay per flyer will decrease as the total number of copies increases. But you don’t want to waste money printing more copies than you need and have to throw a huge number of copies away. If your church event is time-sensitive or seasonal, you won’t be able to reuse your flyers.

4) Step Four: Consider a Test Print

If possible, make sure you can see a test print before the full order is printed. Things look different on paper than they do online.

Make sure to double-check the pictures and colors, make sure the copy is legible, and proofread everything one more time!

5) Step Five: Physical Distribution

Once your flyers are printed, the work has only just begun! Carefully consider how you’re going to get your flyers into the right people’s hands.

You’ll want to maximize the chances of your flyers being seen, read, and acted on. You’ll also want to make certain you’re going to the right places and reaching the right people.

6) Step Six: Digital Distribution

Consider sending your flyers as PDFs to your email list and posting them on social media to get even more mileage out of them at no extra cost.

You can read the rest of Anna Lundberg’s excellent article here.

Put Your Free Church Flyers to Use

We’re thrilled to provide you with our professionally designed church flyers, designed to give your events the visibility they deserve. These flyers are not just aesthetically pleasing but are also created with the intent to be your first line of offense in drawing people closer to God through your services and events. However, the journey shouldn’t stop at attendance.

For those who are new to your community, we recommend creating an effective new believers packet. This packet can serve as a critical follow-up tool, offering essential resources and information to help newcomers grow in their faith journey. By coupling our eye-catching church flyers with a comprehensive new believers packet, you not only attract individuals to your events but also provide them with the resources they need to deepen their relationship with God. Together, these tools offer a holistic approach to ministry that both attracts and nurtures.

To request a free download today of all 3 church flyers, just enter your information below.