If you clicked on this article, we probably don’t need to convince you of the importance of church bulletins. You wouldn’t be signing up for free church bulletin templates if you didn’t believe that the bulletin has an important place in your church’s outreach.

Some have argued that the printed church bulletin is on its death bed and that churches ought to embrace a new way of making announcements.

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But as church marketing expert Steve Fogg has pointed out, a printed bulletin is a great tool to communicate to first-time visitors and is helpful for people still finding their way into your church.

Many visitors and even regular attenders expect to receive a printed bulletin when they are greeted at your church. And you want to make sure that your church bulletins make the best impression possible. Which is why we’ve created the 8 free church bulletin templates below: to help you get started creating your own attention-grabbing bulletins that will effectively communicate with your congregation.

Ready to Breathe Some Life Into Your Church Bulletins?

It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: your church is unique. Which means that your bulletins should be customized to fit your church’s needs and audience.

This is the value of having bulletin templates that you can easily customize: they give you a helpful starting point but allow you to make needed changes until you have the bulletin that’s perfect for your church.

Each of our bulletin templates is 4-sided, consisting of a cover that was designed by a professional graphic designer, two interior pages with a variety of information, and a back with additional information.

The templates feature many content options to choose from, including a sermon notes section, a weekly schedule, information about your church, an events sections, and an area for visitors to share information.

The front and back of one of our church bulletin templates:

Example of front and back of church bulletin template

The interior of one of our bulletin templates:

Example of church bulletin interior

Each template is completely unique in its design, presenting you with a variety of options to choose from. Created to be easy for everyone to edit, the templates were built in Microsoft Word and can be edited using this software.

Church bulletin template in Microsoft Word

Each of these templates can be edited using Microsoft Word

Hopefully these images give you a glimpse of how our free church bulletin templates will help you craft professionally-designed bulletins. And without eating into your budget!

Two Unique Bulletin Interior Options

Each bulletin template includes interior pages with a background to match the front and back. We think this brings the design of the templates to life.

But to provide you with more flexibility when designing your bulletins, we decided to include two versions of each template in your download: one with a white interior and one with a background to match the front and back:

Church bulletin template interior with background

A bulletin template interior with a background to match the design of the cover and back

Church bulletin template interior with a white background

The same church bulletin with a plain white background

We hope that this flexibility will help you come closer to the church bulletin that is perfectly customized for your church! Without further ado, we introduce you to each template below:

Bulletin Template #1: Upward Living

Church bulletin template 1 - Upward Living

Bulletin Template #2: Exposing the Darkness

Bulletin Template #3: A Drop of Blessing

Church bulletin template 3 - A Day of Blessing

Bulletin Template #4: A Drop of Blessing

Church bulletin template 4 - Following God's Will

Bulletin Template #5: Navigating Eternity

Church bulletin template 5 - Navigating Eternity

Bulletin Template #6: Spiritual Road Blocks

Church bulletin template 6 - Spiritual Road Blocks

Bulletin Template #7: The Cure for Sin

Church bulletin template 7 - The Cure for Sin

Bulletin Template #8: Life, Death, Resurrection, Hope

Church bulletin template 8 - Life, Death, Resurrection, Hope

BONUS: 8 Free Church Bulletin Covers

As a part of our gift to you, we’ve also included 8 PSD files for bulletin covers based on the front of each bulletin template. These covers can be customized to be used for more than just bulletins: tracts, brochures, even book covers! The choice is yours. And they’re included in your download as a bonus gift.

These covers are perfect for those who already have a bulletin format they like and are only looking for a professionally-designed cover for their bulletins. An example of when you might just want to use a custom cover is during a special sermon series.

collection of free church bulletin templates

These covers were created using Photoshop. This means that they’re easy to customize until they fit your church’s style and message. Photoshop is very affordable. And it’s easy to use. If you don’t have access to it, there’s probably someone in your church who does! All you’ll need to do to customize each bulletin cover is replace the domain at the bottom, the date, and the title.

You can tweak the covers until they fit your message, or you can just use them as inspiration and a starting place to design your own inspiring covers. The choice is yours!

Church Bulletin Cover #1 – Upward Living

Church bulletin template - Upward living

Church Bulletin Cover #2 – Spiritual Road Blocks

Church bulletin template - spiritual road blocks

Church Bulletin Cover #3 – Navigating Eternity

Church bulletin template - navigating eternity

Church Bulletin Cover #4 – Hope

Church bulletin template - hope

Church Bulletin Cover #5 – Following God’s Will

Church bulletin template - Following God's will

Church Bulletin Cover #6 – Exposing the Darkness

Church bulletin template - Exposing the darkness

Church Bulletin Cover #7 – A Drop of Blessing

Church bulletin template - A drop of blessing

Church Bulletin Cover #8 – The Cure for Sin

Church bulletin template - the cure for sin

Professionally Designed and Easy to Customize

Good branding goes a long way in helping churches communicate. Professionally designed bulletins can have a lasting impact on a person’s opinion of your church. They can even improve the way your congregation sees themselves as a church body, shaping their values and vision. Don’t be surprised if people in your church feel more confident sharing these new church bulletins with neighbors and friends!

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