Want to Breathe Some Life Into Your Bulletins?

With our free church bulletin covers, you can craft professionally-designed bulletins without breaking your budget.

Why does the design of church bulletins matter? You care deeply about your church services. Whether you’re a pastor or a church volunteer, much planning and passion goes into preparing each service. This is because you want every service to be a time for people to encounter God and His life-transforming grace. One of the key components of effectively communicating the message and theme of a church service is a well-designed church bulletin.

free church bulletin template mockup

professional church bulletin templates

Beautifully designed bulletins are effective in grabbing and holding attention. But it can be hard finding a solution for better bulletins for some churches. So many free bulletin templates are tacky. And hiring a designer to create church bulletins is too expensive for many churches. Which is why we’ve created a collection of 8 free church bulletin templates. These templates were designed professionally and are ready for you to customize!

Free Church Bulletin Covers – Yours to Download Today

collection of free church bulletin templatesGood branding goes a long way in helping churches communicate. A professionally designed bulletin can have a lasting impact on a person’s opinion of your church. Using the bulletin templates above, you can create beautiful bulletins that will capture and hold the attention of those who attend your church. They will leave visitors wanting to learn more about what you have to say. Don’t be surprised if your congregation starts sharing these new church bulletins with neighbors and friends!

Church Bulletin Cover #1 – Upward Living

Church bulletin template - Upward living

Church Bulletin Cover #2 – Spiritual Road Blocks

Church bulletin template - spiritual road blocks

Church Bulletin Cover #3 – Navigating Eternity

Church bulletin template - navigating eternity

Church Bulletin Cover #4 – Hope

Church bulletin template - hope

Church Bulletin Cover #5 – Following God’s Will

Church bulletin template - Following God's will

Church Bulletin Cover #6 – Exposing the Darkness

Church bulletin template - Exposing the darkness

Church Bulletin Cover #7 – A Drop of Blessing

Church bulletin template - A drop of blessing

Church Bulletin Cover #8 – The Cure for Sin

Church bulletin template - the cure for sin

Professionally Designed and Easy to Customize

These templates were created using Photoshop. This means that they’re easy to customize until they fit your church’s style and message. Photoshop is very affordable. And it’s easy to use. If you don’t have access to it, there’s probably someone in your church who does! All you’ll need to do to customize each bulletin is replace the domain at the bottom, the date, and the title.

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