Minimalistic Church Connection Cards

According to a study by Barna, the only piece of information 82% of Millennials are comfortable sharing with churches is their first name. 53% are willing to give their last names. Only 33% are willing to give churches their email address. 19% will give their physical address, and only 12% will give their phone number.

So, when asking for information, it is best to ask only for a first name and an email address. Maybe a phone number and last name depending on the card.

Keeping form fields at a minimum makes your connection cards more likely to be filled out. Millennials are very uncomfortable about giving personal information away.

In light of this, our church connection card templates are minimalistic in design and ask for very little information.

Multiple Church Connection Cards for Different Purposes

According to Pro Church Tools, instead of asking for everything on one church connection card, you should have different connection cards for different purposes.

With this in mind, we’ve created unique church connection card templates that each ask for different information:

1. The ‘Welcome to the Family’ Church Connection Card

No matter the personality, background, or denomination of your church, you want to communicate one thing to visitors: you are a family, and visitors are welcome to become a part of it.

The welcome card below was designed to emphasize your church as a family, while warmly welcoming visitors to enter into this relationship. Obviously, a card will not be nearly as effective as demonstrating through compassion and hospitality that you really are a church family. But if your congregation is showing this kind of love to one another and to visitors, our ‘Welcome to the Family’ connection card template will complement your outreach well.

The welcome card can be used at your church every Sunday to welcome new visitors, but we don’t recommend using it alongside another card meant to welcome first-time visitors. It would be best to choose only one on a given Sunday, so you don’t overwhelm churchgoers with too many cards to choose from.


(*To download the logo featured in the bottom-right corner of each of these cards for free (as well as several others), click here. Each logo is customizable!)

2. The ‘Join a Ministry Team’ Church Connection Card

If your church is like most churches, there is no shortage of opportunities for members and attendees to serve and use their spiritual gifts. All they may need is a little, encouraging nudge to be motivated to discuss joining a ministry team.

Our ‘Join a Ministry Team’ template was designed to be a welcoming and inspiring invitation to volunteer and be a part of how your church is fulfilling the Great Commission in your community. Use this card to help those in your church feel comfortable initiating a conversation with you about where they could best serve.

This card could possibly be used every week if your church is big enough to always need volunteers. Depending on your church, it might be best to leave this card in a designated place, like the church lobby, and then occasionally leave it in the sanctuary by churchgoers’ seats on occasions that you want to make a special call for volunteers.

join a ministry-team-church-connection-card-ministry-voice


3. The Prayer Request Church Connection Card

Many in your congregation on Sunday mornings have unspoken needs, hurts, and cares. Members, regular attendees, and first-time visitors. Some may not feel confident sharing them with you in person. This is where a prayer request connection card is an especially powerful tool.

Our  ‘Prayer Request’ template provides a way for you to collect prayer requests in a non-threatening and caring way. With this card, you may find those in your church confiding in you much more, leading to more conversations and opportunities to better know and minister to your flock. And this card is sure to speak volumes to visitors of your care for them and the kind of church you are.

This is a card that you could easily make available for churchgoers every week, whether in pews or in front of seats in the sanctuary, or on a designated table somewhere else in the church building. We believe that making this card always visible in some way will make church members, regular attendees, and visitors alike feel like their needs are important to your church and that they always have the freedom to safely share their burdens.

**To download the logo featured in the bottom-right corner of each of these cards for free (as well as several others), click here. Each logo is customizable!**

Church Connection Card Templates For Every Purpose

We hope you can take these connection card templates and customize them to fit your church’s personality and unique outreach. All you need is Photoshop. If you don’t know how to use Photoshop, it’s inexpensive software and there is a large pool of free training online to help you get started. The templates are on us. Thank you for all that you do to shine the light of the gospel in your community. *To professionally print your connection cards, we recommend PrintPlace. If you don’t want to use the background images on any of these cards, each PSD template includes a simple background color you can use instead.

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