And right now, we are featuring church mother’s day graphics for you to freely use. Why? Simply because there should be no end to celebrating the lives of our beautiful and caring mothers. They are loving, caring, and most importantly, our mothers are gifts from God.

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Church Mother’s Day Graphics

Graphic 1

This first graphic shows a mother carrying her daughter in the background. The greyed-out photo helps the viewer focus on the “Happy Mother’s Day” text in the center. It also adds an emotional and dramatic effect to the entire graphic.

Church Mother’s Day Graphics 1 by Ministry Voice

Graphic 2

The background of this graphic shows a child hugging her mother. The picture was filtered to bring out warm pink colors to complement the photo and emphasize the text in the center. It also has a Mother’s day verse at the bottom of the graphic. 

Church Mother’s Day Graphics 2 by Ministry Voice

Graphic 3

This one has the same picture as the previous one but has a different font type and a larger text size. The editing gave more emphasis to “Mother’s day” than the photo background. It also has the same verse at the bottom.

Church Mother’s Day Graphics 3 by Ministry Voice

Graphic 4

The picture in this graphic shows a mother and her daughter having fun on the beach. The sepia filter applied to the photo in the background adds more warmth and happiness effect to this graphic. 

Church Mother’s Day Graphics 4 by Ministry Voice

Graphic 5

This elegant graphic has a nice harmony between the color of the text and the flowers and leaves in the photo. It also has a verse at the bottom that shows appreciation for mothers on their special day.

Church Mother’s Day Graphics 5 by Ministry Voice

Graphic 6

This graphic shows more emphasis on the verse than the greetings itself. It also gives more emphasis to some words in the verse by using a different font and text size. To complete the art, around the text is a beautiful flower wreath.

Church Mother’s Day Graphics 6 by Ministry Voice

Graphic 7

Just like the previous graphic, this one also emphasizes the verse more than the greeting. It also has a beautiful flower wreath, but this one used a cuter drawing style and a more colorful and cuter font style. 

Church Mother’s Day Graphics 7 by Ministry Voice

Graphic 8

This graphics looks very earthy. It uses different tones of green colors and different kinds of leaves in the background. Also, just like the previous ones, it emphasizes the verse more than the greeting.

Church Mother’s Day Graphics 8 by Ministry Voice

Graphic 9

This graphic is full of lovely flowers! And on this special day, you’d never go wrong with flowers. Instead of a greeting or verse, this graphic highlights an encouragement and appreciation phrase for the mothers.

Church Mother’s Day Graphics 9 by Ministry Voice

Graphic 10

Like the previous one, this graphic has many flowery designs above and below the text. Instead of a white background, a black background was used to highlight the gold color in the “Mother’s Day” text.

Church Mother’s Day Graphics 10 by Ministry Voice

Graphic 11

This graphic looks like a mother’s day card placed on top of a bunch of flowers. Just like the previous ones before, this graphic highlights a verse from the Bible. The font color and text complements the flowers and leaves in the background well. 

Church Mother’s Day Graphics 11 by Ministry Voice


Mother’s Day Sermon Graphics

Now that we’ve already given you some of the best Church Mother’s Day Graphics that you can apply generally, we have also chosen certain graphics that you can specifically use in your sermons, preachings, or bible studies.

  1. Proverbs 31:25

“She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.”

Proverbs 31 is a chapter in the Bible dedicated to describing what a Godly woman is and should be. In verse 25, the Bible says that a woman is strong and is worthy of respect. This is a wonderful reminder proclaimed by God to a world that sometimes sees women as weak and less worthy of respect. This is also a wonderful reminder to all the women, especially mothers on their special day, that they should see themselves the way God sees them.

Mother’s Day Sermon Graphics 1 by Ministry Voice

  1. Proverbs 31:29

“Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.”

This verse says that among all the women, a good wife, a good mother, exceeds them all. This is a highly encouraging verse for the mothers on their special day. When a mother knows that even God agrees and acknowledges the efforts of being a good wife and mother, they would surely feel happy! 

church mother's day graphics