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Our churches utilize these resources every single week in multiple forms and fashions. There is not a “better bang for your buck” out there (I have tried).

Doug Gorman
Grace Bible Church

ministry voice testimonial

 Thank you Ministry Voice for allowing the Lord to use you to bless our ministry. I pray that God will continue to use your resources to bless churches around the world.

Andrene Campbell

CPR Ministries Jamaica

ministry voice testimonial

I was so happy to find Ministry Voice. What they offer should easily cost more , but their heart to help and serve is evident in the gift and passion of their offerings.

Matt Crump

Matt Crump Ministries

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A Letter to Pastors, Church Staff, and Lay Leaders


CJ McDaniel

July 22, 2024

Dear Pastor, Church Staff, and Lay Leaders,

I understand! our job is full of stress: preaching, leading, shepherding, counseling, organizing, and more, and these are just a fraction of the responsibilities that rest on your shoulders.

In all of the chaos, it can be hard to find motivation or give direction. The pressures facing you as a modern church leader are unprecedented. You are busier than any other church leaders from past generations. You have more responsibilities, more technology to deal with, and more stress!

But the absolute truth is that out of the entirety of human history, God has chosen now to place you here on earth. As with Esther, He has chosen you for “such a time as this.” With surgical precision, the God of the universe placed you in the here and now. Your skills, passion, creativity, and leadership are in the right place at the right time.

Pastor: Imagine a pandemic where you couldn’t broadcast your message into homes and around the world.

Communications Team: Imagine not having access to digital media and videos to accent your pastor’s messages.

Whatever your job position in the church, you undoubtedly have skills that would not have been as useful 200 years ago.

So thank you for showing up. Thank you for using your skills to communicate God’s word. Thank you for powering through the stress and discouragement. And thank you, thank you, thank you for never giving up!

-Ministry Voice

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free church social bundle

Get our July  Church Social Media Bundle with 31 graphics completely FREE!