February 27, 2023
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3 Tips for Successful Church Fundraisers

While faith in Christ is the rock your church is built on, let’s be blunt: money is what keeps the doors open. Church fundraisers are just part and parcel of running your house of worship!

But here’s the thing: religious institutions have seen a downward trend in giving. Almost 40% of churches are reporting a flat-lined or downward trend in donations.

Interestingly, charitable giving is up – but donations to churches have slowed. How can you make your church’s events meaningful, exciting, and, most importantly, profitable?

Keep reading for three ways to take your church fundraisers to the next level!


You’ve listed the fundraiser time and place and described your main goal. That’s all you need, right?

Unfortunately, no – your church needs to have the right message. It’s good to get to the point with your fundraiser information, but you need to appeal to your audience.

Really think about the type of event you’re putting on and the cause you’re supporting. When you communicate your needs, draw your audience in.

For example, it’s one thing to say the roof needs to be patched. Talk about how it affects them personally – it’s drafty, it’s inconvenient, it’s dangerous, etc.

Your audience will feel personally involved in your goal, a great tactic for the most profitable church fundraisers.


This is a great tip for those that are seeking funds outside the congregation (although it works well either way!)

Once you’ve picked out a donor you want to solicit funds from, do your homework. Find out everything you can about them and see how you can fit this valuable information into your fundraiser.

What does your potential donor care about? What excites them? What inspires their generosity? Do any of your fundraising goals fit within their interests?

Bonus tip: Don’t try fundraising outside of the church without practicing your pitch! Rehearse how and what you’re going to say so everything goes smoothly.

And remember, a potential donor is a person to build a relationship with. The goal is not to manipulate them with cunning words but to communicate your need honestly and effectively.


Maximize your fundraising potential online! Boost fundraising outcomes by harnessing the vast reach of the web, beyond just in-person events.

Create a dedicated web page for your fundraising cause. Use it in conjunction with your real life efforts to see maximum results.

Does your church have a social media presence? If not, get that started ASAP!

People live on their phones today – so make sure you snag some of their time by showing up on their Twitter and Facebook timelines!

Videos are a great way to share your vision with the world. With so many free resources at your fingertips, you’ll be a video pro in no time.

Bonus tip: Don’t just create online content when asking for financial support. Make sure to show the “after” effects to the patched roof, the family in your community that you supported, etc.


Now that you’ve got a few ideas, you’re on your way to successful and profitable church fundraisers.

Remember, all of the suggestions in this article are tactics that are sometimes more effective than at other times. Don’t put your hope in them. Put your hope in the God who “shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19). The God who will bless your efforts.

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