November 5, 2022
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End of Year Giving: 5 Easy Ways to Boost Fundraising

The most successful efforts always have a combination of forces. Strengthen yours by partnering up with a local business or other organization, if you’re able.

By doing so, you’ll be able to better focus your donation campaign and get more people to take notice.

Plus, you’ll be able to pull in and make use of more resources. For example, if you partner up with a local restaurant, they can host and cater fundraising events.

Take advantage of relationships you already have. Think of those in your congregation who could help. Or organizations that have supported or would like to support your nonprofit.

2. Use Social Media

Unfortunately, most nonprofits and churches have lost momentum in their fundraising efforts. This is largely due to financial difficulty on a widespread scale.

But in some ways, it also has to do with the fact that people are more distracted than ever before.

People are constantly locked into their smartphones and social media. So, what better way to make your end of year giving campaign known than to hit it where people tune in most?

Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are not only free but make it easy to share information.

With Instagram, you can post photos and videos with captions and descriptions. You can also make use of hashtags to gather more views, follows, and donations!

3. Brand Your Donation Page

To make your end of year giving campaign stand out, you have to deck out your website’s donation page.

Your design should depend on the focus of your campaign.

If you’re focusing on Christmas gift donations, use Christmas colors and graphics. If this year’s donations are going to a particular country, use that country’s flag colors.

You can even come up with a short-term logo for your fundraising campaign.

4. Send out an Email Newsletter

Every fundraising campaign has a story. And telling your story online is the best way to get the most attention.

As Thanksgiving approaches, start preparing an email newsletter.

Unfortunately, people are prone to skimming over newsletters or deleting them altogether. So, if you decide to write a newsletter, you’ll need to make it interesting!

Give a recap of the year and talk about the results of your donation efforts. Then, discuss where and to whom your donations are going to at the end of the year.

Most importantly, make sure to write an engaging and effective email subject line!

5. Encourage Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

The only way to spread the joy of giving is to have help doing it. The more hands there are, the more donations you’ll be able to accumulate.

Because of social media, it’s easier to get donations from around the world. It’s especially easier during the holidays when people are more likely to donate.

So, reach out to your church’s most involved members or your nonprofit’s most committed donors and ask for their help. Chances are they’ll already be on board.

But you can also encourage the younger or less involved supporters to give back this holiday season. You can encourage them to volunteer their time and get donations from people online, at school, or at work.

Make a Difference with End of Year Giving

The end of the year is fast approaching! Don’t fall short by not taking advantage of all the possibilities.

MinistryVoice is your guiding hand through the digital world. We provide tools and software to enhance your church or nonprofit’s website and fundraising efforts.

Start making the most of your end of year giving – today!

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