These churches do not grow on their own. Marketing for churches is a team effort. One in which the entire congregation must work together to attract new members.

Read on to discover what you need to know about marketing for churches.

Strong Social Media Matters

If you don’t already have social media platforms set up for your church, then you are missing out on a crucial opportunity to attract new members.

Everyone is on social media these days, from young ages to the elderly.

Unsurprisingly, there are currently one billion people using Facebook on a daily basis.

Updating social media is also key to expanding the growth of your congregation. Make sure to appoint someone as social media chairman to oversee the platforms with the church’s name on it. Even if it means hiring a social media coordinator.

Interact with Members by Word of Mouth

One of the best approaches to finding and bringing new people to join your church is word of mouth.

This marketing technique is old-fashioned but is still effective today. It will also save you some money, important when trying to get the most out of your church’s marketing budget.

One practical example of word of mouth would be your congregation sharing your church’s Facebook posts on their newsfeeds, spreading your message to their circles of influence. Knowing someone who attends your church may be the motivation some need to visit themselves. This is why word of mouth is so powerful.

Are you the pastor of your church?

Spend some time getting to know the younger generation. Hang around after your message and engage them in conversation. Find activities that will enable you to connect with them. These kids are the future of the congregation, and if they’re comfortable inviting their friends, this will definitely boost attendance.

Utilize Local SEO

When a Google search is made for churches in your local area, will your church show up on the list?

Local SEO is another marketing tool that will go a long way in making sure your church is easily findable.

This information should be listed on your church website to maintain a high rank according to Google:

  • Name, Address, Phone number
  • Church address across the pages of the website
  • Reviews of the church

Also, people who just moved to your city will oftentimes determine where to go to church based on what they read online. Having a positive review will make your church feel like a winner, so collecting some positive reviews online is another effective strategy in making your church inviting.

Market to Find the Right People

In life, not everyone will like the same things.

This holds true for churchgoers, too. Not all churches are the right fit for everyone. In marketing, a major mistake you need to avoid is trying to draw everyone into your church. Finding your ideal audience is an important focus.

Who you decide to reach out to depends on the personality and the unique beliefs of your church. Discover what sets your church apart from the rest and hone in on those unique characteristics.