July 3, 2024
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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Church with ChurchEdge

Managing a church involves a multitude of tasks that can be time-consuming and challenging, but with the right tools, you can elevate your church’s impact and efficiency. That’s where ChurchEdge comes in – a comprehensive suite of premium tools and resources designed to save time and increase the impact of your entire church staff. Let’s dive into what ChurchEdge has to offer and why it’s an invaluable resource for your church.

The Power of ChurchEdge

ChurchEdge provides lifetime access to an array of resources that streamline your church operations and enhance your outreach efforts.

Beautiful Designs Without Photoshop

Forget about the complexities of Photoshop. With the Church Edge Designer, you can create stunning book covers, promotional graphics, and web visuals effortlessly. Choose from thousands of prebuilt designs or start from scratch. Our templates cover everything from sermon graphics and social media posts to bulletin covers and event flyers, all perfectly sized for web or print.

Unlimited Access to High-Quality Stock Photos

Say goodbye to expensive stock photo sites. With our built-in database, you have access to over 2 million high-resolution, royalty-free stock photos. These images are easy to download and fully customizable, allowing you to add text and filters to suit your needs.

Comprehensive Sermon Series Resources

Crafting engaging and impactful sermons is now easier with our expertly crafted message guides. Each guide includes main talking points, illustrations, and life applications. Alongside these guides, you get all the necessary media – video bumpers, countdowns, social media teasers, slide backgrounds, and editable bulletin shells – to set the perfect tone for your messages.

Effortless Sermon Illustrations

Finding the perfect sermon illustration can be a daunting task. Our Sermon Illustration Search tool makes it simple. Search by themes, keywords, or events to find biblically relevant illustrations that resonate with your congregation.

Professional PowerPoint Slide Decks

Elevate your church presentations with our PowerPoint slide decks. Whether it’s for sermon points, event announcements, worship lyrics, or scripture quotes, our slides are designed to be both engaging and easy to read.

Slash Time on Regular Tasks with Church Helper

Church staff members often juggle numerous tasks, from social media content creation to sermon prep. Church Helper intelligently generates first drafts for sermons, worship setlists, and social media posts, cutting down your workload by up to 90%.

Motion Graphics Made Easy

Create eye-catching motion graphics for worship, welcome videos, and more without the need for complicated software. Our motion graphic generator produces smooth, readable, and non-distracting animations to enhance your church services.

Customizable Service Countdowns

Design professional countdown timers with ease. Choose from multiple backgrounds and music options to create the perfect countdown for your sermons or events. Fully customizable text options make it perfect for multi-lingual congregations.

More Tools to Boost Your Church’s Effectiveness

ChurchEdge also includes:

  • Social Media Templates updated weekly.
  • Church Logo Creator for unique and professional logos.
  • Church Shirt Kit for creating exciting custom apparel.
  • PowerPoint Backgrounds for visually appealing presentations.
  • Church Live-Stream Training to set up and manage online services.
  • Book Building Tools for pastors looking to publish.
  • Church Event Badges to inspire volunteers and guide guests.
  • Outreach and discipleship training to enhance your ministry’s impact.


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