What is a lead magnet? Why should you care? How will using one benefit your website? In this post, we’re taking a brief look at lead magnets and how they add value to websites.

The Purpose of a Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is usually a piece of valuable content given away for free in exchange for a user’s email address. It is a way to build trust.

An example of this is seen in the website below, jdgreear.com. This nicely designed website belongs to author, blogger, and pastor J.D. Greear. It is an example of good web design in many ways, including the valuable content J.D. gives away in exchange for a visitor’s email address.

Sample of a Lead Magnet by Ministry Voice


In the photo above, you’ll notice that Pastor J.D. is offering a free eBook on Biblical parenting, which he co-authored with his wife. This is a topic that he is an authority on as a pastor. It is also a popular topic, making the ebook a compelling offer. And the content he’s giving away is relevant to his blog. Notice that the way that Pastor J.D.’s website gets the user’s email address is by promising to send the eBook straight to their inbox.

Below are three reasons this is a great strategy for a website.

A Lead Magnet is a Fair Exchange

A well-designed lead magnet is a fair exchange. In the example above, the user receives high-quality information for free. In exchange, J.D. Greear can continue to deliver quality content to that user’s email inbox. If the user liked the sample of content they received initially, they will be excited to read similar content. A relationship is now formed. One that adds value to both parties. This leads to the second reason that lead magnets are a good strategy for websites:

A Lead Magnet Builds Relationship and Trust

When a user gives you their email address, they have given you one of the most valuable means of getting their attention. This action conveys trust. After all, the average person should know that he shouldn’t give his email address away to just anyone.

When you have a user’s email address, you don’t have to wait for them to come to you. You have permission to initiate the interaction. This gives you the opportunity to help them further, making the conversation more intimate.

This is invaluable considering the busy nature of our lives. Oftentimes, people don’t revisit your website simply because they’ve forgotten about it in light of other demands on their busy schedules. When you send a compelling reminder straight to their email inbox, you jog their memory and keep them coming back for more value.

A Lead Magnet is a First Impression

When you offer valuable content for free upfront, this makes a strong first impression. And it’s hopefully a sign of things to come. At least that is how it will be perceived by visitors. With so little time to get your audience’s attention, what better way to initiate the relationship than with the gift of content that adds value to your readers’ lives?

How about your website? How could a lead magnet be placed strategically on your website to get the attention of visitors?