Church marketing is something with a long and deep Christian history. If you think about it, the disciples themselves were incredible marketers who spread the gospel around the world. After all, one of the definitions of marketing is the promotion of an idea, and evangelism is the promotion of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

When you think about how much your budget should be, don’t just consider it a matter of numbers and the bureaucracy that many of us went into the ministry to avoid. Consider it a spiritual issue, of doing what needs to be done to advance Jesus’ kingdom by spreading the Good News (Matthew 28:18-20).

Forming Your Church Marketing Budget

Before figuring out exactly how much you want to spend, consider both your church’s current budget and where the money is being spent.

Then, consider exactly how much of a return you’re getting on your church’s current spending. If you aren’t bringing in new church members and connecting with your desired audience, then you’re probably spending that money in the wrong places.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you should lower your budget, though! Unless your church is spending more money on marketing than it is on ministry, you’re likely not in danger of spending too much in this area.

Marketing is one of the most important budgets for the body of Christ in this modern, digital age. So you should definitely have a good budget set aside for this, but you need to make sure that your budget is set wisely.

Where Should I Spend The Money?

Having a good and regularly redesigned church website is one of the most important assets your church can invest in.

Why is web design for the church so important?

Because having a bad church website can make you look bad to the rest of the world.

And having a bad website isn’t just embarrassing. It contributes to the worst stereotypes of churches and places of worship that young people have. Namely, that they are obsolete, stuck in the past and unable to relate to people in this culture dealing with relevant issues.

Your online presence, both in terms of your website and your social media activity, need to be a priority.

Today, people consult the web before stepping foot inside of a church building. Which means you definitely want your web presence to be on point so you can make the best first impression.

Of course, this isn’t useful if you don’t know…

How Much Should I Spend?

Your church marketing budget needs to be scaled to your church’s income.

This isn’t a number, it’s a statement of priorities.

Look into the price of Facebook ads and other relatively inexpensive social media campaigns. Then consider how much reach you want.

Your church won’t bring in weekly congregants from out-of-state. They will go to in-state churches. Focus on local targeting, not a broad geographic reach.

You should look for options that mix affordability and ability. Don’t get ripped off, but don’t be stingy on your church marketing budget.

What’s most important is knowing when to try something new, whether it’s on your website or another part of your marketing campaign.