The Danger

The potential downside to Bible reading plans lies in their tendency to impose a structure that may not always align with our natural reading rhythms or personal preferences, potentially turning our enlightening journey through the Scriptures into a mere daily ‘task’ to be accomplished. Robert Murray M’Cheyne, a Scottish minister from the early 19th century, developed a renowned Bible reading plan, expressing in its introduction,

“Some may engage in reading with alacrity for a time, and afterwards feel it a burden, grievous to be borne. They may find conscience dragging them through the appointed task without any relish of the heavenly food. If this be the case with any, throw aside the fetter, and feed at liberty in the sweet garden of God. My desire is not to cast a snare upon you, but to be a helper of your joy.”

We genuinely wish to help you find a personalized Bible reading plan to be a joyful companion on your spiritual journey.

Everyone has a distinctive approach to engaging with the Bible. Some of us like to take our time, reflecting deeply on each word and its meaning. In contrast, others prefer a quicker pace, seeking to grasp the broader narrative of the Scriptures, thus able to traverse more content than the typical reader.

Moreover, we all experience varying seasons in our spiritual journeys. Sometimes, we feel the urge to delve deeper, lingering over passages. At the same time, we are driven to consume as much of the Scripture as we can during other periods.

The essence is that your Bible reading plan, especially a custom bible reading plan generated specifically for your needs by a bible reading plan generator, should complement your spiritual journey, not become a hindrance or a constraint. The flexibility and personalization offered by such tools ensure your engagement with the Scriptures remains a source of joy and enlightenment, adapted to your unique pace and approach.

The Benefit

While there are challenges, custom Bible reading plans also have substantial rewards. These plans provide direction, especially beneficial for beginners who need help figuring out where to start. They can prevent readers from becoming stuck in more challenging passages, ensuring progression and consistent engagement. Moreover, a well-structured reading plan can foster deeper understanding by curating passages that resonate with each other, thereby painting a more holistic picture of God’s word.

In the introduction to his renowned reading plan, Robert Murray M’Cheyne highlighted several advantages: ‘Time will not be wasted in choosing what portions to read.’

Reading plans alleviate the task of deciding which chapters or verses to explore each day and ensure we encounter the entirety of Scripture, not just our preferred sections.

Consider your reading plan as a friendly guide—nothing more, nothing less. It’s there to assist you, enabling you to imbibe daily in ‘the pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow into your salvation’ (1 Peter 2:2).

A Bible Reading Plan Uniquely Your Own

Your reading pace is distinctive and tailored to you and your current life season. Your customized Bible should reflect the same uniqueness.

Before embarking on a journey through a reading plan to cover the entire Bible, it’s essential to understand your unique reading pace. This insight will allow you to gauge the time you’ll need to allocate daily to your readings and determine the duration required to complete your reading plan.

The tool provided below is designed to offer a personalized estimate, showing how long it will take to read through the whole Bible, considering your individual Bible reading speed with our bible reading plan generator.

How Our Custom Bible Reading Plan Tool Works

Click the ‘Start’ button below and read the selected Scripture passage. For best results, read the passage like you would during your daily devotional time: don’t be afraid to slow down and ponder the text if that is how you usually read Scripture.

Once you’ve finished reading, click the ‘Stop’ button at the bottom, and the tool will record your time. A new page will load, presenting you with suggested Bible reading plans based on your personalized reading speed.

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