Church motion graphics are aesthetically pleasing loop videos that can be partnered with different types of text and fonts that share a certain message. What makes motion graphics popular is that they bring life to the idea or message you want to portray. When added with music, it creates a bigger impact that would attract the viewer’s attention, allowing them to feel and understand the message more. 

In this article, let us explore some motion graphic sample types and how to create them for your church. 

Motion Graphics You Can Use in the Church

1) Welcome message and Closing message

Upon entering the church or even entering the link of a Live service, you will notice that some people come early before the service starts. Having motion graphics in this part of the program will make the church members feel welcomed, and they will be kept entertained while waiting for the service to start. 

On the other hand, closing messages are helpful because they create a warm atmosphere that encourages your church members to look forward to the next service. You can also add announcements in this video, which helps remind the people of your upcoming events and activities. 

2) Countdown timer  

Countdown timers have become popular nowadays as well. It is useful because it immediately catches attention and creates an awareness that the service is about to start. As the timer reaches zero, the congregation automatically prepares themselves for worship. Your service volunteers Will no longer have to go over the microphone to remind them repeatedly. 

3) Lyrics background 

Another trend nowadays is motion graphics for song lyrics. This became popular because it added a dramatic effect to praise and worship songs. If used properly, it promotes the meaning and message of the song lyrics. For fast songs, motion graphics create a lively atmosphere, which helps the people feel livelier when praising God. Slow songs create a solemn atmosphere that allows the people to be more immersed in the presence of the Lord. 

4) Theme Introduction and Design

One of the ways Pastors lead us to a clear direction toward Christ is by creating monthly or seasonal themes. Themes encourage engagement and provide a single-glance overview of what the message of the theme is about. Usually, the theme is introduced through pictures and words. But, with Motion graphics, your church Theme introductions and designs are even better. It makes people curious about the church sermon and makes them look forward to God’s word every Sabbath. 

5) Event Design

Having Motion Graphics for an event allows you to create a different twist in your church gatherings. Non-motion event designs are good, but Motion graphics make things more interesting and unique. It also helps fill in dull moments during an event. For example, during transitions from one part of the program to the other. Adding motion graphics creates smooth transitions, making your events more attractive and entertaining.

6) Church Online Platform

An effective way to promote your church is through Online platforms. Especially nowadays, using social media can be competitive, so making your platforms more eye-catching is vital. Motion Graphics allows you to enhance the appeal of your church’s platform, making it more attractive and easily remembered. This platform may allow people searching online for a local church to find a place in your community.

7) Backdrop design

Backdrop designs are evolving in the church. These days, smart TVs and L.E.D. backdrops are currently a trend. Motion Graphics will help make these backgrounds come to life. Using looping backgrounds would easily catch the congregation’s attention without overpowering the speaker or the person on stage. These backgrounds are more efficient as they are easily replaced and redesigned without additional construction costs and materials for stage backdrops. 

These are just a few examples of how Church graphic motions can help our churches worldwide. Thus, it is highly recommended that churches adapt to technology and use Motion Graphics in their Sunday Services. 

What is Church Motion Graphics Creator?

Church Motion Graphics Creator is a FREE Online platform for creating perfect church motion graphics – it’s EASY, FAST, and FREE!  This is because this Graphic Creator aims to provide churches across the globe with up-to-date media resources without using complex software.

As we have understood in the previous paragraphs, Motion graphics effectively boost our church service experiences. But, making these short videos can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. You have to either study motion graphics editing or even hire graphic designers to be able to make one, not to mention the cost of buying an app for editing. But, with Church Motion Graphics Creator, this is not so. 

Listed here below are some awesome characteristics of this Motion Graphics Creator. 

1) Speed

Motion graphic editor software can sometimes be quite expensive and complicated. Especially when you are new to editing, it may take a while to come up with a decent design. But with Church Motion Graphics Creator, you can create stunning and visually pleasing motion graphics Online in just a few minutes. It would take you only five (5) minutes or even less. 

This saves you so much time. With that, if you are a church volunteer or a very busy pastor in the ministry, you no longer have to worry about your schedule. With this online software, you can accomplish things easier and faster. 


2) Quality

There are a lot of media generators that can produce results fast, but the main issue lies in the quality of the output. Fortunately, this is not the case with Church Motion Graphics Creator. It provides you with quality background videos, effects, and texts. You have a lot of options to choose from, too. So, depending on your church event or theme, this Graphics Creator can accommodate you.

Also, this online software lets you download your created output in good quality. Compared with other online software, they add a large watermark or reduce the video quality. But, using this Graphics Creator, you can enjoy your created motion graphics in good video resolution. 


3) Usability

Another amazing feature of this Church Motion Graphics Creator is its usability. We understand that creating motion graphics can be confusing and difficult for new users, so this is designed to be a user-friendly motion graphic creator. It will help you create your customized motion graphics by guiding you through different templates for you to choose from. You can easily pick and use a background effect or text with that. 

How to Use Church Motion Graphics Creator?

Here are the steps in creating your motion graphics. 

  1.     Go to https://
  2.     Click the “Get Started” button found below the video.
  3.     Select a Motion graphic background. Then click “Next”.
  4.     Choose your desired Texture. Then click “Next”.

(You can invert the Texture color by clicking the arrow sign at the lower left of the texture template)

  1.     Choose your “TEXT”. Then click “Next”.
  2.     Then, wait for your Motion Graphics to generate.
  3.     You can view your video and download it to your computer.

(You may click “Back” after downloading the video to create more Motion graphics.)

  1. Done! Congratulations, you have now created your motion graphic design through Church Motion Graphics Creator.

Church Motion Graphics Creator Additional Features

For people with background knowledge in editing and who want to customize their motion graphics, ChurchEdge is suitable for you. You can use the ChurchEdge customized features. Here, you can create your textures and even upload your pictures to edit. 

To do this, you must choose “Create your own” in choosing the desired texture to direct you to a more detailed church graphics editor. Here are some features you can use to customize your motion graphic design.

  1. Templates – the software has a wide variety of prepared Text templates you can choose and customize. These templates are paired with aesthetically pleasing text that matches the design. 
  2. Cliparts – You can also add free church clipart to complement your design. This can add uniqueness to your motion graphics video.
  3. Images – You can upload your image or choose church edge online search. There are lots of pictures you can choose for your video. 
  4. Text – Like any other application editor, you can add your text and change the font face and size here on ChurchEdge.
  5. Shapes – The graphics creator offers you various shapes to choose from. You can add these to add more emphasis and highlight. 
  6. Layer Manager – Manage your design with a layer manager. You can add, lock, and hide layers. This feature is important in editing, which you would find helpful when creating your motion graphics.
  7. Save to MyDesigns feature – many “free” software does not have a save button, but this online software has a folder to save your outputs online. You can also share the templates you’ve made with others.
  8. Download – You can download your template as a .png file. After that, you can upload it and use it in the Church Motion Graphics Creator template section. 
  9. QR code generator – You can also generate QR codes in your design. You can link your design to your church page, church event page, church website, etc.
  10. Help button – Here, you can search the Hotkeys and even create shortcuts. 
  11.  Import – you can also import images and files for your design.
  12. Auto snap – This software also has an auto snap feature. Activating auto snap would help you align your design without manually using a ruler. This helps you create balance in your design easily and quickly. 


Having Motion Graphics in your church allows you to maximize your worship service experience every week. It promotes a suitable atmosphere for worship, celebration, or reverence. Whatever atmosphere you need to set your congregation in, Motion Graphics is flexible and versatile to adapt to your needs. That is why, with the help of Church Motion Graphics Creator, you can boost your church media easily and with less time. 

To sum it all up, listed below are the advantages you can enjoy if you use Church Motion Graphics Creator:

  • Makes aesthetically pleasing Motion graphic designs
  • Easy to use 
  • Offers a wide variety of motion background
  • Easy-to-choose templates
  • Fast online creator
  • Easy to Download
  • High Quality 
  • Good for all types of Graphic Editors and Beginners.

We encourage you to try the FREE version now and feel the benefits yourself. Experience an enhanced weekly meeting with God using Church Motion Graphics.