For example, your social media account would always reminds you of every message from your boss, your friend, or whoever. Your movie app would remind you of the movies you have not watched yet. We have all sorts of entertainment readily accessible on our mobile phones and our computers that constantly notify you and remind you to open them. Ultimately this makes you succumb to all of these advertisements’ temptations consciously or subconsciously. 

Luckily, the Christian world is also riding on with modernization. Having an app that would remind us of God’s Word every day is a blessing, such as this site – Bible Verse of the Day. 


Why You Should Read a Bible Verse Every Day


Let’s talk about this first. You will never be able to motivate yourself to do something if you do not have enough purpose to do so. Committing to reading the Bible every day is just like going on a diet. If you don’t have enough motivation, you are bound to quit in days or weeks. So, allow me to share three reasons why you should read the Bible daily.


1) It’s the best way of getting to know your Maker


All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness” – 2 Timothy 3:16


As this verse says in 2 Timothy, the Bible is “God-breathed”. This means that the words in the Bible directly came out of his mouth. It is the message that God personally gave to mankind for us to learn more about Him. Like earning a degree, reading engineering books is the best way to become an engineer. The best way to know God and become a true Christian is through reading the Bible. 


It is never enough to know him through other people’s stories. Although, yes, they are very inspiring and encouraging, we must directly hear from Him so that we can have a personal and deeper understanding of His true nature. 


You might ask, “How about prayer?” Yes, praying is a good way to know God, too. Through praying, we can communicate with Him, but prayers are more of us talking to God and not Him talking to us. We might hear insights from Him directly, or we may not. On the other hand, reading the Bible is more of God talking to us and us listening to Him.


2) Getting to know your maker allows you to find purpose in life


“Everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made.” –Isaiah 43:7


There is this mental disease that we call “Existential Anxiety”. When a person has this kind of disease, he or she is anxious about his existence in life and is apprehensive about the meaning of life and death. They cannot seem to understand the purpose of living and why they exist. But for Christians who know God, we can avoid this because we know why God brought us to this earth. 

Reading Isaiah 43:7, we understand that God created us for His glory. In another verse, we realize he created us to love Him and others. Reading Matthew, we can understand that we were made to worship Him. If you read more scriptures, God tells us we are created to serve and share God’s good news. 

As we read through God’s word, we will be able to know more and more about Him and our purpose. We become confident about why we exist and are here on this earth, and we will never run out of reasons for living. This is very important because knowing the purpose of doing something is the best motivator we can have to achieve success. 


3) It is the best guidebook in life. 


The best guidebooks are written by those people who created them. If you want to learn how to operate your new washing machine, read the manual. Because the manual was written by the people who built it. Likewise, the best person who can teach us how to become a Christian, or basically how to become a good human being, is God himself, our author, and our creator. 

If you read the bible, you will find out that God has a lot of practical advice for man. God has prepared everything from topics on healthy food, family, and relationships to finances. It is made to guide us on spiritual matters and even on our daily walks in life. 



Why Using a Bible Verse of the Day is Helpful


In this section, let me share the benefits of using Bible Verse of the Day. 


1) Adapting to the digital age

With ever-advancing technology, there are times when Christianity is slow in adapting to it. More often than not, some Christians would like to stick to traditional ways that subconsciously become a ritual. Some might not notice it, but it is happening to Christians worldwide. 

Technology is also a creation of God. We must be reminded that God is the creator of all things – including technology. Thus, just like God created the heaven and the earth, He also created technology for us to use in our daily lives and especially for our service to Him. 

Using Bible Verse of the Day we will be able to know God and His word with the aid of technology. So, churches and Christians around the world should not be afraid to use this technology in their service to God.


2) Accessibility

Living in a fast-paced world, easy accessibility can help us find time for God despite our busy schedule. Using Bible Verse of the Day, you can easily check out and read God’s word anywhere and anytime. I know it is always best to read His word using our hardbound Bibles, but we may not be able to bring this anywhere we are. Bible Verse of the Day, on the other hand, helps you commune with God while you are on your phone or your computer. 


Some people spend hours commuting on a train or a bus, these people will benefit from this app’s accessibility. Instead of wasting their time sitting, they will find time understanding God’s word and communicating with Him. Having God’s scripture with you anytime and everywhere is very convenient and beneficial.


3) Verse of the Day helps you build your Relationship with God

As I’ve mentioned in the previous section on why we should read the Bible every day, reading a Bible verse every day will help you build your relationship with God. Receiving God’s word daily in bite-sized portions will allow you to digest and understand His word. You can read the verse in just a few minutes and so you will be able to spend more time reflecting on it. 


Having a good relationship with God is our top priority as a Christian. So, we should work on building this relationship every day. With the help of Bible Verse of the Day, we will be able to establish a habit of reading God’s word and communing with Him daily. 


4) Verse of the Day helps form good habits

If you ask successful people how they were able to achieve their goals and dreams in life, they would tell you that they have established good habits. One of the common traits successful CEOs have is they read a book every day. For athletes and health enthusiasts, they would say that they jog or go to the gym every day. Thus, this proves that consistency and sticking to a good habit has a great impact on a person’s life. 


Likewise, as a Christian, reading God’s word every day will allow you to form good habits. If you have never been successful in establishing a good habit yet in your entire life, the best way to achieve it is by reading a verse every day. Why? Because this is a simple thing to do. If you set goals that are too high for you, you will never be able to accomplish it. So, if your goal is to be able to read the bible every day, you should not start by setting a goal of reading a chapter each day. This goal will send signals to your brain that it is unachievable. This would eventually lead you not to do it all. 


Thus, with the help of Bible Verse of the Day, you will be able to start setting achievable goals and establish a good habit. This applies to other habits for diet, exercise, and lifestyle as well. Because if you successfully establish a single habit, you will be able to establish another one more easily than the first one. 


So, if you have goals you want to achieve right now and if you want to establish good habits in life, you will be able to achieve that with the use of Bible Verse of the Day. You can make this as a stepping stone to accomplishing and establishing more in the future.


How to use Bible Verse of the Day


Using Bible Verse of the Day is very easy. It does not require a lot of effort. All you need to do is open your laptop, your iPad, or your phone, go to the website or app, and press enter. It is that easy! This is why any person who is interested in reading a verse every day can easily access it. No matter where you are the app will show you a different verse every day. Making it easy for you to meditate on a different verse every day. 


To make things a lot easier, you can also bookmark Bible Verse of the Day on your screen. In that way, you will be able to access it in just a single click. Also, this app is helpful for those people who are building their website or blog. Because you can embed Bible Verse of the Day on your website. In this way, you will be able to encourage those people who are reading your blog to also read a verse every day.


Using Bible Verse of the Day will enable you to share God’s scripture with people across the internet. In this way, it would be easier for you to share God’s goodness and help people who do not know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior yet develop a relationship with Him. 




We have been enjoying technology for other aspects of our life. We may have used an app for our personal goals in life. Such as our diet and exercise routines, or productivity, and entertainment. So, it is great to use it for the nourishment of our spiritual life as well. 


Having Bible Verse of the Day can help you be closer to God as you go on with your daily routine. This is specially made to help you read God’s Word in a modern way. With this app, you will grow to love God and His Word as you continually live your life as a follower of Christ.


Journey with us today with “Bible Verse of the Day”.