July 27, 2023
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4 Common Traits That the Best Church Websites Share

Great web design is not limited to for-profit companies. Every organization needs an online home that attracts visitors and makes it easy for them to enter. In fact, you could think of your website as the virtual building you create for your congregation.

The best church websites are inviting, comfortable, and easy to navigate. It’s not rocket science, it’s just good design! Here are four key ways to make sure your church website is effective.

Key Information is Easy to Find

When visitors come to your site, there are certain things they are likely to be looking for. These pieces of information should be easy to find. They include:

  • Times of services
  • Physical address and a map
  • Phone numbers
  • Names of leaders

Having this information available at a glance can make it more likely that a website visitor becomes a church visitor. It also makes it simple for your congregation to share your church information with others.

The Best Church Websites Use Color

Color is a vital part of communication. Just because your church isn’t a business doesn’t mean that you don’t have a brand identity. You have a message to convey. You can use color to help you share it.

Color helps highlight important information and draws the eye to specific parts of the website. Be sure not to use just one or two colors. Instead, choose an overall color scheme that matches the feel of your church.

It’s vital for the colors you select to support the personality you want to portray. There are dozens of studies on the psychology of color that can help you get started.

Use Video to Share Information

A church website doesn’t have to be all text. Video is a great format to share your church’s history, philosophy, announcements, and more.

Studies show that video engagement is very high. 55% of people watch videos online every day. A picture is worth a thousand words, but video might be worth ten thousand!

Video allows you to introduce your leadership, show behind-the-scenes clips, and even a tour of your building. By using video, you can share far more information than text alone. Video is no longer expensive and time-consuming. It can be as simple as using Facebook Live!

Be Mobile Friendly

The best church websites are mobile-friendly. As of 2019, 89% of the developing world owns a mobile phone. If your site is hard to navigate or view on a smartphone or tablet, it’s likely you won’t have many online visitors. Fewer online visits can lead to fewer in-person visits as well. Thankfully, modern church website themes make it very easy to build a mobile-friendly website from scratch.

Your Website Helps You Grow

All churches want to make it easy for members and potential members to discover them. Having the right website will help you meet that goal. The best church websites use color to their advantage. They also make information easy to find. To be as effective as possible, video and mobile friendliness are essential as well.

If you have any questions about getting your website up to speed, let us know in the comments section below!

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