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Understanding the Meaning of Anekleiptos in Greek


Parts of Speech: Adjective

Anekleiptos Definition

NAS Word Usage – Total: 1

  1. unfailing

What is the Significance of the term “Anekleiptos” in Greek as used in the New Testament?

The term “Anekleiptos” is a significant Greek word found in the New Testament, particularly in the writings of the apostle Paul. In the context of the Bible, “Anekleiptos” is a term that holds profound theological importance and serves as a powerful descriptor of God’s character and promises.

The word “Anekleiptos” is derived from the combination of two Greek words: “a” meaning “without” and “ekleípō” which means “to fail” or “to forsake.” Therefore, when combined, “Anekleiptos” can be understood to mean “unfailing,” “undiminished,” or “unfaltering.”

One of the notable instances where “Anekleiptos” is used in the New Testament is in Hebrews 7:24, where Jesus is described as a high priest forever, “because he lives forever to make intercession for them.” The term “Anekleiptos” is used here to emphasize the eternal and unchanging nature of Jesus’ priesthood, highlighting the assurance and security believers have in Christ’s continuous intercession on their behalf.

Through the usage of “Anekleiptos” in the New Testament, a theme of unwavering faithfulness, steadfastness, and reliability of God’s promises emerges. This term conveys the idea that God’s presence, love, and support are constant and unending, assuring believers of His unchanging nature and perpetual care for them.

How does the concept of “Anekleiptos” relate to the teachings of Jesus in the Bible?

The teachings of Jesus in the Bible often contain profound and rich meanings that require further exploration to fully grasp their significance. One such concept is the Greek word “Anekleiptos,” which holds a special place in the biblical narrative and offers insights into the nature of Jesus’ teachings.

In Greek, “Anekleiptos” (ἀνεκλείπτως) translates to “unceasing” or “uninterrupted.” This term appears in the New Testament in the book of Romans 1:9, where the apostle Paul writes, “For God is my witness, whom I serve with my spirit in the gospel of his Son, that without ceasing [Anekleiptos] I mention you always in my prayers.”

The use of “Anekleiptos” in this context highlights the continuous and unwavering nature of Paul’s prayers for the Romans. It emphasizes the persistent and relentless dedication he has in bringing their needs before God, demonstrating a deep sense of care and love for the community.

When we consider this concept in relation to the teachings of Jesus, we can see parallels in the importance of perseverance and steadfast faith in the Christian walk. Jesus often emphasized the significance of persistent prayer and unwavering faith in His teachings, urging His disciples to remain steadfast in their devotion to God.

The idea of being “unceasing” in prayer and faith reflects a deep commitment to God and a trust in His divine providence. Through the concept of “Anekleiptos,” we are reminded of the need to maintain a continuous connection with God, seeking His guidance and strength in all circumstances.

What does Anekleiptos mean in Greek in Context of the Bible

In the Bible, the term “Anekleiptos” is a Greek word that appears in various contexts, each carrying a significant and profound meaning. The term is used to describe the unwavering nature of God’s love, faithfulness, and promises towards His people.

One notable mention of “Anekleiptos” can be found in Romans 11:29, where it is written, “For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable” (ESV). In this context, “Anekleiptos” signifies the unchanging and steadfast faithfulness of God towards those He has chosen. It emphasizes that once God bestows His gifts and calling upon an individual, they are without regret or change.

Another instance of “Anekleiptos” is seen in Hebrews 7:24, which states, “but he holds his priesthood permanently, because he continues forever” (ESV). Here, the term is used to convey the eternal and unchanging nature of Jesus Christ’s priesthood. It highlights the everlasting and constant intercession that Christ provides for His people, ensuring their salvation for all time.


In conclusion, the Greek word “Anekleiptos” holds significant meaning in the context of the Bible. It refers to the idea of being steadfast and unwavering in one’s faith and devotion to God. This concept is often emphasized in the New Testament as a vital trait for believers to possess. Understanding the depth of this term can lead to a deeper appreciation of the faith journey and encourage individuals to remain steadfast in the face of trials and tribulations. In essence, “Anekleiptos” serves as a reminder of the enduring strength and resilience found in unwavering faith.

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