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Understanding the Meaning of Amplias in Greek


Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

Amplias Definition

NAS Word Usage – Total: 1
Amplias = “large”

  1. a Christian living in Rome

What does the term “Amplias” refer to in the New Testament in Greek?

In the New Testament, the name “Amplias” appears in the book of Romans 16:8. Amplias is a Greek name that holds significance in the context of the Bible. The name Amplias is associated with a person mentioned by the apostle Paul in his greetings to the Christians in Rome.

The name “Amplias” is believed to mean “large” or “spacious” in Greek. This interpretation of the name can provide insight into the character or status of the individual named Amplias. While not much is known about Amplias beyond the brief mention in Romans, the significance of his name can offer a glimpse into potential attributes or qualities associated with him.

Within the biblical context, the mention of Amplias serves as a reminder of the diverse group of people who were part of the early Christian community. Each individual, including Amplias, played a unique role in spreading the message of Christianity and building the early church. The mention of Amplias in the New Testament highlights the personal connections and relationships that were key to the growth of the Christian faith.

In studying the Bible, understanding the meanings of names like “Amplias” can provide a deeper appreciation for the historical and cultural background of the scriptures. The name Amplias may serve as a symbol of the inclusivity and diversity within the early Christian community, emphasizing the importance of each individual in the spread of the Gospel message.

How is Amplias connected to the early Christian community in Rome?

Amplias is mentioned in the New Testament in the book of Romans in chapter 16, verse 8, where Paul sends his greetings to Amplias, a beloved member of the early Christian community in Rome. The name Amplias is of Greek origin and carries significant meaning in the context of the Bible.

In Greek, Amplias (Άμπλιας) means “enlarged” or “rich,” reflecting the spiritual richness and growth that Amplias may have brought to the community of believers in Rome. The name suggests a sense of abundance and fullness, indicating a person who perhaps contributed greatly to the faith and fellowship of the early Christians in Rome.

Amplias’ connection to the early Christian community in Rome underscores the diversity and reach of the early church. As a fellow believer mentioned by Paul, Amplias would have been a valued member of the community, actively participating in the shared faith and mission of spreading the gospel.

Through the mention of Amplias in the biblical text, we catch a glimpse of the interconnectedness of early Christian communities in different regions. Despite geographical distances and cultural differences, believers like Amplias played a vital role in uniting the body of Christ and reinforcing the bonds of fellowship and love among believers.

The significance of Amplias lies not only in his personal faith and commitment but also in his representation of the broader network of early Christians who supported and encouraged one another in their shared journey of faith. The name Amplias, with its connotations of abundance and enrichment, serves as a reminder of the spiritual wealth that believers cultivate through their connection to Christ and to one another in the early Christian community.

What significance does the mention of Amplias hold in the biblical context of the book of Romans?

In the book of Romans, Amplias is mentioned in the closing remarks of the letter written by the apostle Paul. Amplias is greeted by Paul along with other individuals in Romans 16:8, where it says, “Greet Ampliatus, my beloved in the Lord.” While not much is known about Amplias from the Biblical text itself, it is believed that Amplias was a prominent Christian figure in the early church.

The mentioning of Amplias in the book of Romans highlights the importance of relationships and community within the early Christian faith. Paul’s greeting to Amplias signifies the unity and fellowship among believers, regardless of their background or status. It shows that even in a diverse community, there is a shared love and bond in the Lord.

In Greek, the name Amplias means “large” or “spacious.” This significance can be interpreted in the context of the Bible as representing the expansive love and grace of God. Just as Amplias’ name suggests, the message of Christ is inclusive and abundant, welcoming all who seek Him.


In conclusion, the Greek word “Amplias” mentioned in the Bible holds significant meaning related to faith and community. Understanding the context in which this word appears in the New Testament sheds light on the importance of individuals like Amplias in spreading the teachings of Christianity and strengthening the early Christian community. By delving into the etymology and historical significance of this term, we gain a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of language, culture, and spirituality in biblical texts. Studying words like “Amplias” enriches our understanding of the diverse and vibrant tapestry of the ancient world, offering valuable insights into the messages and values conveyed in the scriptures.

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