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Exploring the Meaning of Akulas in Greek



Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

Akulas Definition

NAS Word Usage – Total: 6

Aquila = “an eagle”

  1. a Jew of Pontus, a tent maker convert to Christ, companion and ally of Paul in propagating Christianity


What is the Significance of the term “Akulas” in Greek in the Context of the Bible?

The term “Akulas” holds a significant place in the Greek language as well as in the context of the Bible. In the New Testament of the Bible, “Akulas” is a Greek word that is used to refer to the figure of Aquila, a prominent early Christian mentioned in the book of Acts and several of Paul’s letters.

In the Bible, Akulas, or Aquila, is often mentioned alongside his wife Priscilla. The couple is known for their strong faith and dedication to spreading the teachings of Christianity. They are credited with hosting early Christian gatherings in their home and for their close relationship with the apostle Paul. Aquila and Priscilla are portrayed as examples of a loving and supportive Christian partnership.

The name “Akulas” itself carries meaning in Greek. It is derived from the word “akulos,” which means eagle. In Greek mythology and culture, the eagle symbolizes strength, courage, and keen vision. These attributes are reflected in the character of Aquila in the Bible, who is depicted as a steadfast and brave follower of Christ.

Furthermore, the presence of Aquila and Priscilla in the early Christian community highlights the importance of partnership and collaboration in spreading the message of the Gospel. Their united efforts demonstrate the significance of working together in faith and love to advance the Kingdom of God.

How is the term “Akulas” used in biblical translation and interpretation?

In the context of the Bible, the term “Akulas” holds significant meaning. The word “Akulas” is a Greek term that appears in the New Testament and is typically translated as “Aquila” in English. Akulas is a name that holds historical and biblical significance, as it refers to a prominent figure who played a role in spreading the teachings of Christianity.

Aquila, or Akulas in Greek, is mentioned in the book of Acts and various epistles in the New Testament. Together with his wife Priscilla, Akulas is known for his devotion to the teachings of Paul the Apostle and for his involvement in the early Christian community. Akulas and Priscilla were tentmakers by trade and worked alongside Paul, aiding him in his missionary journeys and ministry.

The name Akulas is often associated with qualities such as faithfulness, dedication, and unity within the Christian community. His partnership with Priscilla symbolizes the importance of cooperation and mutual support in spreading the message of Christianity. Akulas is portrayed as a committed follower of Christ and a key figure in the early Christian movement.

In biblical translation and interpretation, the term “Akulas” is a reminder of the individuals who played crucial roles in the establishment and growth of the early Christian church. Through his actions and partnership with Paul and Priscilla, Akulas exemplifies the values of service, collaboration, and unwavering faith in the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Can an understanding of the term “Akulas” provide insights into biblical teachings?

The term “Akulas” originates from Greek and is found in the New Testament of the Bible. In context, “Akulas” can be translated to English as “innocent” or “harmless.” This word holds significant implications when exploring biblical teachings.

The concept of being “Akulas” is closely tied to the moral character and behavior expected of believers in the Christian faith. In the Bible, being described as “Akulas” signifies a state of purity, integrity, and moral uprightness. It embodies the idea of being free from guilt or wrongdoing, reflecting a blameless and righteous nature.

One prominent example of the term “Akulas” in the Bible is found in Matthew 10:16, where Jesus instructs his disciples to be “Akulas” as doves in the midst of wolves. This metaphorical usage emphasizes the importance of maintaining innocence and authenticity in a world filled with challenges and temptations.

Understanding the meaning of “Akulas” can provide insights into biblical teachings by highlighting the value of moral purity and righteousness in the Christian walk. It serves as a reminder for believers to strive for blamelessness in their words, actions, and attitudes, aligning themselves with the standards set forth in the Scriptures.

Furthermore, the concept of being “Akulas” extends beyond mere outward behavior to encompass the inner motives and intentions of the heart. It underscores the significance of cultivating a pure and sincere heart before God and others, reflecting the transformative work of the Holy Spirit in believers’ lives.


In conclusion, the exploration of the Greek word “akulas” in the context of the Bible reveals its significance within the sacred texts. As we have seen, “akulas” is used in the Bible to denote a lack of guile or deceit, portraying a sense of purity and innocence. Understanding the deeper meaning of this word enriches our comprehension of biblical teachings and sheds light on the virtues valued in ancient Greek culture. By delving into the origins and context of such words, we gain a deeper appreciation for the complexities and nuances of the biblical text, enriching our understanding of its timeless messages and lessons.

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