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Understanding the Significance of Akratos in Greek


Parts of Speech: Adjective

Akratos Definition

NAS Word Usage – Total: 1

  1. unmixed, pure

What is the significance of the term “Akratos” in Greek when referring to God in the Bible?

In the Greek language, the term “Akratos” holds significant meaning when referring to God in the Bible. The word “Akratos” is used in the New Testament to describe God’s power and dominion. Understanding its context sheds light on the character and sovereignty of God as portrayed in the Scriptures.

“Akratos” comes from the Greek words “a,” meaning “without,” and “kratos,” translated as “power” or “dominion.” When combined, “Akratos” signifies God’s unrivaled authority and control, highlighting His supreme rule over all creation. This term emphasizes that God is without limits or boundaries in His power; He is omnipotent and sovereign over every aspect of existence.

When the term “Akratos” is used in reference to God in the Bible, it serves as a reminder of His incomparable might and rule. It portrays God as the almighty ruler who governs the universe with unmatched strength and supremacy. This term conveys the idea that God’s authority is absolute and unchallenged, and nothing can thwart His divine will.

Throughout the biblical text, the term “Akratos” underscores God’s ability to accomplish His purposes without hindrance. It signifies that God is all-powerful and unconstrained by any external forces. This attribute of God’s sovereignty reassures believers of His capability to fulfill His promises and bring about His divine plan for humanity.

In essence, the term “Akratos” in Greek, when referring to God in the Bible, encapsulates the concept of His limitless power and control. It underscores the majesty and authority of God as the supreme ruler of the cosmos. Understanding the significance of this term enriches our perception of God’s sovereignty and reinforces our faith in His ability to accomplish all things according to His will.

How does the concept of “Akratos” relate to the attributes of God as described in the Bible?

In the Greek language, the term “Akratos” holds significance in the context of the Bible. This word is used to describe God as being omnipotent, all-powerful, and uncontrollable. When examining the attributes of God as portrayed in the Bible, the concept of “Akratos” aligns closely with His supreme authority and unlimited power.

Throughout the Bible, various passages emphasize the sovereignty of God, illustrating His ability to do all things and His unmatched authority over creation. The term “Akratos” captures this essence of God’s unrivaled power and command over all aspects of existence.

In the Old Testament, God’s akrasia is manifested in the creation account where He spoke the world into existence with a mere word. This act of creation showcases His supreme authority and limitless power over the cosmos. Additionally, stories of divine intervention, miraculous events, and the fulfillment of prophecies further demonstrate God’s akrasia.

In the New Testament, the concept of “Akratos” is evidenced through the miracles performed by Jesus Christ. His ability to heal the sick, raise the dead, and control the forces of nature exemplifies the unlimited power and authority that God possesses. These acts serve as a testament to God’s sovereignty and reinforce the idea of His akrasia.

Moreover, the concept of “Akratos” also reflects God’s unchanging nature. His power is not bound by time or circumstance; it remains constant and unfailing throughout the ages. This attribute of God as portrayed through the term “Akratos” underscores His eternal and unshakable authority.

In what contexts is the term “Akratos” used in Greek in relation to God’s power and authority in the Bible?

In the Greek New Testament, the term “Akratos” is utilized in various contexts to describe the power and authority of God. The word “Akratos” is derived from the root words “a-” meaning “without” and “kratos” meaning “strength” or “power.” This term is often translated as “omnipotent” in English versions of the Bible, illustrating God’s unlimited power and control over all things.

One prominent occurrence of “Akratos” in the Bible is found in Revelation 19:6, where it is used in conjunction with the description of God as the Almighty. This verse emphasizes the unrivaled power and sovereignty of God, highlighting His ability to reign supreme over all creation. Another significant mention is in Revelation 11:17, where believers praise God for His omnipotence, acknowledging His unmatched authority and strength.

In the context of the Bible, “Akratos” serves as a reminder of God’s supreme authority and limitless power. It signifies His ability to accomplish all things according to His will and plan. Through the use of this term, the Scriptures convey the awe-inspiring majesty and sovereignty of God, encouraging believers to trust in His omnipotence in all circumstances.


In conclusion, the word “akratos” in Greek holds significant meaning in the context of the Bible. It conveys the idea of self-control and discipline, emphasizing the importance of moderation and temperance in one’s actions and behavior. Understanding the true essence of “akratos” can deepen our understanding of biblical teachings on virtues such as temperance, righteousness, and self-restraint. As we strive to embody the principles represented by this term, we can cultivate a more virtuous and spiritually fulfilling life, guided by the wisdom and teachings of the Holy Scriptures.

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