Church Clipart Images! Yes, you read it right! You can download 1000+ Church Clipart Images — all for free! Some say that clipart images are now obsolete. In fact, it has been declared obsolete by some of the most popular software companies like Microsoft. But mind you, clipart images are still being used in different fields such as newsletters, presentations, websites, and many others.

This is because cliparts evolved from simple designed images to modern illustrations and icons that add to the aesthetic of something you apply it on. With that being said, churches from all over the globe should also maximize the use of clipart images to bring additional effects on sermons, church blogs, announcements, events, and many more.

So, if you have not used any of these recently, now is the time for you to use them again in your church. But before anything else, let us rediscover what cliparts are and how you can use them.


Clipart Images

Cliparts are simple pictures or symbols that can be imported and used to any document or program. These are pre-made images that are either raster graphics or vector graphics used to illustrate any medium. They help convey a thought or idea while consuming smaller storage space compared to other image types.

Cliparts are widely used both in web and physical illustrations. This is because clipart images are eye-catching and can contribute to an expressive design on your church presentations and designs. They are also organized into categories such as people, objects, nature, etc. — which is especially helpful when browsing through thousands of images.


The Essence of Clipart Images in Modern Times

Everyone has unforgettable childhood memories of clipart. These memories make clipart images relevant even up to this day. So, no matter what people say about clipart images, we can never forget the memories we made with these decorations.

And while most image resources nowadays take up a lot of storage space, clipart images do not. They are popular and adorable decorations that will only take little storage space. This means that you can apply a lot of clipart images without worrying about your storage.

Using clipart images will allow your website to load faster, your illustrations more decorative, and your designs will give more joy to your target audience.

Clipart can also be stored in a lot of ways. Because it’s a Bitmap or Vector image file, it’s super easy to put it into various types of media. You can usually drag and drop the clip art directly from the search bar and into graphics. If — and this is a big if — it ever requires any work with code at all, it will be really simple and won’t take much time.

And you do not need to go through and scroll to thousands of images. Because in this article, we organized some of the best clipart images you can use for your church. With that said, here are different church clipart images and their uses that you can download for free.


Different Types of Church Clipart Images

  1. Church Groups
  2. Church Building
  3. Cross
  4. Open Bible
  5. Close Bible
  6. Bible Characters
  7. Parables
  8. Bible Stories


Church Groups

Church group clipart are useful when expressing the real essence of the church in brochures, web pages, books, or any other means of publishing placing. This explains that a church is a community of believers encouraging one another while they are serving God.

church group clipart images   church group clipart images   church group clipart images   church group clipart images   church group clipart images   church group clipart images   church group clipart images   church group clipart images   church group clipart images   church group clipart images

Church Building 

These types of cliparts are used to convey the thought of a gathering place for God’s people. These can be used on your church brochures, websites, announcements, and many others, to indicate your church’s location. 

Aside from this, church building clipart images can be added to your offering envelope design. It can be added so that you can personalize your church’s offering envelope and encourage your congregation to give so that they can help build the church.

church building church building church building


Cross Clipart Images

Cross is the most common symbol when we are talking about our Lord Jesus Christ and we often use it when we are sharing the gospel to the world. With cross clipart, you may be able to choose a variety of cross clipart designs that would fit in your church’s website, brochures, bulletin board, and other media. 

cross   cross   cross      cross   cross   cross     cross   cross


Open Bible Clipart Images

Open bible cliparts are great illustrations that can be added to the design of your newsletters, invitations, offering envelopes, brochures, and many more. Using this type of clipart gives the impression that your church’s beliefs and teachings are based on the bible.

open bible   open bible   open bible   open bible   open bible   open bible   open bible   open bible   open bible   open bible


Close Bible Clipart Images

This one is similar to the open bible clipart images. It also gives the same impression that your church’s beliefs and teachings are based on the bible. Like the open bible, you can also add these clipart images to the design of your newsletters, invitations, offering envelopes, brochures, and many more. Their only difference is that the close bible clipart images give a more intimate approach when it comes to serving God.

close bible   close bible   close bible   close bible   close bible   close bible   close bible   close bible   close bible   close bible


Bible Characters Clipart Images

Bible characters are the great men and women used by God to fulfill His promises. They were the bearer of God’s Word and promises during their time. And using these characters as clipart images are a great addition in illustrating sermons, preaching, and other educational events. They are also helpful when we share God’s Word with children and small kids.

bible character   bible character   bible character   bible character   bible character   bible character   bible character   bible character bible character


Parables Clipart Images

Who does not love stories that Jesus Himself gave? These stories are commonly known as parables. These parables are simple stories used by Jesus to illustrate a moral and spiritual lesson. With this, parables clipart images are a great addition in illustrating stories, teaching kids, children’s church ministry, and many more.


parables   parables   parables   parables   parables   parables   parables   parables parables

Bible Stories

The stories in the bible have affected and changed our lives for the better. These stories were an inspiration for us to know God more and how He moves to fulfill His promises to the people. With that said, these clipart images offer great help in your illustrations, preaching, sermons, children’s ministry, and more.

bible stories   bible stories            bible stories   bible stories         bible stories


Why You Need Church Clipart Images

Nowadays, clipart images are widely used in creating websites, publications, blogs, and even marketing materials. That is why adding clipart images to your church materials is also a great strategy in bringing people to come closer to God.

Clipart images add a different approach and aesthetic to the overall design and bring the effect of your design to the next level. And with the use of clipart images in your church materials, you can encourage people of different age groups and people from all walks of life. In other words, clipart images aren’t just for bringing kids to know about your church, but when it is applied strategically, you can also bring all kinds of people to come to know your church and God.