Are you unsure what to charge for your next speaking event? Have you wondered if your speaking fees are too expensive? Not expensive enough? What should your honorarium be? We created the honorarium and speaking fee rates calculator to help you answer these important and often nagging questions.

As a pastor, much of your work will involve speaking. It can be easy to take for granted how much concentration and time goes into preparing your messages, not to mention travel expenses and time away from loved ones. As we mention in another article about setting a realistic church marketing budget, there are some things that churches sometimes fail to budget for. And these things are often very important things! But they’re not perceived that way. It’s important that you recognize how important your time and experience really are so you can be confident charging speaking fees that will be fair compensation.

The free, easy to use calculator below will give you an expert opinion on speaking fee rates that is custom tailored for you and your next speaking event. Within a minute, you can have a suggested fee to charge based on our research, your level of experience and the nature of your speaking engagement.

We’ve included four different criteria for how much to charge: years of experience speaking, speaking skill level, other non-local speaking engagements per year and sessions you will need to deliver.

From $70 for those with minimal experience to $910 for seasoned speakers who will be speaking for several sessions, this calculator will give you a suggested honorarium custom tailored for you and your speaking event. If you have an official speaking website, consider placing your prices there to set realistic expectations up front!

Go ahead and give the honorarium and speaking fee rates calculator a try today!


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