David Servant is the Founder and President of Heaven’s Family’s, a global, multi-faceted ministry with a focus on evangelism, discipleship, development and humanitarian work. Founded in 2002, Heaven’s Family is now working in several of the world’s poorest nations to advance Jesus’ kingdom.

Starting a non-profit wasn’t something David Servant planned on doing. He started his years in vocational ministry a pastor and planted three churches. The story of how David started Heaven’s Family is an inspiring story of what can happen when a pastor listens to God’s voice and steps out in obedience and faith.

Although all three of the churches that David planted had an emphasis on missions, David became convicted that his ministry was not focused enough on making disciples. He realized that his energy was often spent on entertaining parishioners so he could grow his church. Deep down he knew there had to be more.

During this time of questioning, he read the letters to the 7 churches in Revelation and wondered what the Lord thought of his church and ministry. He asked the Lord to show him and felt strongly directed to Jesus’ foretelling of the future judgment of the sheep and the goats in Matthew 25. As he read Jesus’ words, David became convicted that the majority of the people in his church were not sheep who showed love for the “least of these”. He realized that his ministry was not bearing the spiritual fruit that it should be. This realization lead to a lifelong transformation in his ministry and would change his family’s life forever.

David Servant humbled himself and went to his church, asking their forgiveness for his failure to emphasis discipleship and obedience to Jesus in his sermons. He vowed to change. He asked his board to cut his salary and to use that money to send him on missions trips so he could minister to Christians living in poverty.

Not everyone liked the changes. Some people in the church had become accustomed to David’s entertaining sermons. But despite some of the resistance he faced from his church, David walked by faith and continued to press on in this new ministry focus the Lord had given him. Eventually he was let go from his church, but the most fruitful years of ministry were still ahead of him.

As David Servant traveled internationally to teach in pastors’ conferences, he began to develop connections with numerous pastors in multiple impoverished countries. Throughout his travels, David saw firsthand the poverty and incredible need so many in the body of Christ live in. As he taught hundreds of poor pastors, his heart broke for the suffering he saw around him. One day he decided he wanted to do something about it.

David began to report the needs he saw to his supporters back home. In response, many of his supporters sent donations. David worked with the pastors he had developed connections with to distribute the funds to those in need. And the Ministries of Heaven’s Family was born.

Heaven’s Family now ministers to thousands throughout the world every month. Heaven’s Family advances Jesus’ kingdom by:

  • Reaching Unreached People Groups with the gospel
  • Discipling new Christians
  • Raising up National Missionaries
  • Providing microloans to help life families from poverty
  • Training to help poor subsistence farmers provide for their families through bountiful harvests
  • Providing food and safe drinking water
  • Helping poor widows and abandoned women
  • Placing orphans into families
  • Rescuing children out of trafficking
  • Helping victims of rape find healing and dignity
  • Translating and distributing discipleship and evangelistic materials
  • Serving refugees and Internationally Displaced Peoples
  • Providing Bibles for those who need them most
  • Providing an education for children in poverty who could not otherwise afford
  • Providing relief and support for persecuted Christians
  • Caring for victims of leprosy that the world has forgotten
  • Responding to natural disasters with relief and the hope of the gospel
  • Helping those with disabilities who live in countries where they are looked down upon
  • Help those with critical medical needs

David Servant has clearly been launched into a ministry more fruitful than he ever could have imagined. What a powerful reminder that following the Lord is always worth the cost!

David now has a staff of around twenty team members, which consists of his some of his own children who are following in his footsteps.

As if directing a non-profit wasn’t enough of a commitment, David Servant has also had a very prolific teaching ministry. Proof that he still has the heart of a pastor, he has written several books, including Forever RichFamily-Style Devotions, Through the Needle’s Eye, The Great Gospel-Deception, and The Disciple-Making Minister, a 500-page discipleship resource that has been translated into dozens of languages and is being distributed to tens of thousands of pastors throughout the world.

His teaching ministry touches thousands of lives each month through his official website DavidServant.com, where his articles and ebooks are listed for free. He also creates videos for thousands of viewers on YouTube channel, where he answers questions about biblical topics. David’s teachings can also be found on SermonIndex.net.

He and his wife currently have an exciting ministry sharing the gospel with the Amish population in their community.

What can other pastors learn from David Servant’s inspiring story? God may not call you to leave pastoral ministry, but below are a few thoughts to ponder:

  1. Take time to be alone with the Lord and to ask Him what He thinks about your ministry.
  2. Really listen to what the Lord has to say to you when you come to Him in prayer.
  3. Count the cost of what obeying God’s voice will be, and believe that any sacrifice is more than worth any temporary suffering.
  4. Communicate the vision God has given you to your congregation.
  5. Develop a heart for the people of the world that God loves.
  6. Keep the focus of your preaching on making disciples.
  7. Foster a church community of compassion, with an emphasis on caring for the “least of these”.
  8. As you take your first steps of obedience, look at what doors of opportunity the Lord opens for you.

We hope that David Servant’s story has been an inspiration to you as it was for us. If you would like to learn more about Heaven’s Family, you can visit the ministry’s website. Be sure also to explore the free teachings on David Servant’s official website.

In closing, below is a video where David Servant briefly recounts the story of Heaven’s Family.